Illustrated News from Home

An occasionally updated journal for Ulevich friends and family

Twins! Hayley and Jake, Ben and Ellie born September 24, 2021.

Jake and Hayley visiting the USS Enterprise in New York harbor, August, 2019 - before the Great Coronavirus Lockdown.

Everett and Grandpa built this working model
of a jet engine, only Grandpa isn't very good at it so it
didn't work so hot, January, 2020.

Grandkids "fly in" to pick up pumpkins and squash from the NU garden, October 2018.

NU harvests a Blue Hubbard Squash from his garden, October 2017.

NU and grandkids with pumpkins they claimed from Grandpa's garden, October 2017.

Everett with a solar powered flashlight keyright he built with Grandpa. It was Everett's first foray into soldering. June, 2017.

One down, one to go: Right eye cataract is history. Left eye coming up. December, 2016.

Gracie shows off an electronic gizmo she made from a kit with help from NU. Sounds make the colored lights dance. November 19, 2016.

Nuclear Selfie - Dan Ulevich, my nephew, and his bride Jaime with the rather unusual wedding present from NU: A recording geiger counter. Dan is a nuclear engineer. October, 2016.

The 2016 backyard harvest: Hubbard squash (one weighing 28 pounds), pumpkins, Zuccas and tomatoes. Posing for this vegetable selfie are grandkids Gracie and Everett, daughter Sarah, and NU. October 9, 2016.

A sixth birthday party, somewhat delayed, for grandson Everett. Here he emerges from a slide at a Thornton fun park. September 25, 2016.

Back in Shanghai, NU seen through a classic Chinese chair. He was part of a team photographing the world's most
populous city. At left is photograher Mike Nelson. Photo by another team member, Ringo Chiu. September, 2016.

Grandson Everett graduates kindergarten. And (like all the other kids) has a problem keeping mortarboard in place. May 25, 2016.

Gracie on zipline, at her 10th birthday party. March 6, 2016.

Gracie and her 'cricket' - She built this electronic chirper with a little help from Grandpa. December 20, 2015.

Jake and Sarah - and grandkids Everett and Gracie - with pumpkins and squash harvested from Farmer U's backyard, October 4, 2015.

Gracie checks out the cactii while shopping for seeds. March 30, 2015.

It's Pi Day, and Pi Lingual Neal joins two Pie Ladies for a snapshot at Granny Scott's Pie Shop. March 14, 2015.

What YOU lookin' at?...Spider-Man, aka Everett, claims a pumpkin from Grandpa's garden. October 19, 2014

Chris with a nearly finished two storey bed - complete with slide - he built for a client. August 6, 2014

Gracie, Everett and the Space Alien Cybercycle (built by Grandpa). August 3, 2014

Gracie with cowgirls at the Adams County Fair. August 3, 2014.

Chris, Everett and Sarah at Gracie's eighth birthday party. March 2, 2014.

Gracie dances in "Beauty and the Beat" at the Adams City High School. December 15, 2013.

Jake walks to work through Central Park after a NYC snow. December 14, 2013.

NU and Jake visited the fabled Cambodian temples of Angkor Wat - then traveled to Hanoi and Saigon - in April, 2010.

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