Thomas Tate Tobin

Photo © Neal Ulevich. All rights reserved.

Rugged mountain man and friend of Kit Carson, Thomas Tate Tobin barely escaped death when Taos-area Indians rose up against the new management in 1847 during the Mexican-American War. His daring departure from the surrounded Turley's Mill outside Taos is still told. In another gruesome exploit the Army hired him to track down serial killers, sore losers in the recent war. He shot them both - and carried their severed heads to the Army to claim his reward. Tom Tobin's grave stone, placed at a lonely, abandoned cemetery on a ranch at Fort Garland, Colorado, spells his name 'Toben' and gives a birth date different from others in historic literature. But spelling and records were sometimes casual on the frontier. He survived his friends and his era, dying in 1904.

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